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The Welcome Back Program

The Authorised Service Centres are a unique  way to be certain to leave the car in the hands of a qualified team of experts, who know every single detail of the models from the Prancing Horse. Therefore we offer the Welcome Back Program, the new service Ferrari dedicates to its clients.

The program
The client has the possibility to update the car’s software thanks to the use of modern diagnostic instruments.

The advantages
Interventions are carried out by qualified staff, directly trained at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello with specific tools and filing of the car’s information in Ferrari’s electronic database. All interventions carried out by authorised mechanics are certified in a service record.
Another advantage of this new program is the activation of one year of roadside assistance for all markets, where this service is already available and an invite to the World in Maranello, where the cars are planned and built.

How to activate the program
To access the program please contact an authorised service centre and let the car undergo an accurate inspection, presenting the latest service record and necessary renewals*.

 * the car must have not been at an Authorised Service Centre for at least two years

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